Dr Patrick G. Ndungu

B. Sc. (Cum Laude, UTM), PhD (Drexel University) – Lecturer


University Road
Westville Campus
Office: 03 - 034 on the 3rd Floor

Tel: +27(0) 31 260 3097
Fax: +27(0) 31 260 3091

E-mail: ndungup@ukzn.ac.za

Section: Physical Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Green Chemistry, and Environmental Chemistry

Areas of Specialty:

  • Investigation of the physical – chemical properties of unique nanostructured materials
  • Integration of novel nano–composite materials in energy conversion devices
  • Application of functional Nanomaterials to various problems in environmental Chemistry
  • Synthesis and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes

Education and Training:

  • Research Associate, UWC (ENS Research Group), Cape Town, RSA (2008 – 2010)
  • Post – Doc, UWC, Cape Town, RSA (2005 – 2008)
  • PhD, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA (2004)
  • B. Sc. (Cum Laude) University of Tennessee, Martin, USA (1998)

Representative Publications:

  • S. S. Botha, P. Ndungu, B. J. Bladergroen. Physico-chemical properties of oil-based nanofluids containing hybrid structures of silver nanoparticles supported on silica. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2011. DOI: 10.1021/ie101088x

  • G. N. Muriithi, W. M. Gitari, L. F. Petrik and P. G. Ndungu. Carbonation of brine impacted fractionated coal fly ash: implications for CO2 sequestration Journal of Environmental Management. Volume 92, Issue 3, March 2011, Pages 655-664.

  • N. Mongwaketsi, P. G. Ndungu, A. Nechaev, M. Maaza, Raymond Sparrow. Ionic self assembly of porphyrin nanostructures on the surface of charge altered track-etched membranes. Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines. Volume: 14, Issue: 5 (May 2010) Page: 446-451

  • L. Petrik, P. Ndungu, E. I. Iwuoha. Electroless deposition of platinum onto carbon nanotube paper using sacrificial metal substrates: Analysis using Hall Measurements. Nanoscale research Letters. Volume 5, Number, p 38-47, 2010.

  • Y. Suttisawat , P. Rangsunvigit, B. Kitiyanan, P. Ndungu, M.V. Lototsky, A. Nechaev, V. Linkov, S. Kulprathipanja. Investigation of Hydrogen Storage Capacity of MWNT Deposited by Pd or V. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 34, Issue 16, August 2009, Pages 6669-6675

  • P. Ndungu, A. Nechaev, L. Khotseng, N. Onyegebule, W. Davids, R. Mohammed, G. Vaivars, and V. Linkov. Carbon Nanomaterials Synthesized Using Liquid Petroleum Gas: Analysis towards Applications in Hydrogen Storage and Production. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, (2008), 33(12) 3102 – 3106

  • S. Babu, P. Ndungu, J.-C. Bradley, M. P. Rossi, Y. Gogotsi. Guiding water into carbon nanopipes with the aid of bipolar electrochemistry. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics (2005), 1(3), 284-288.

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