Dr Desigan Reddy

Dr Reddy is a lecturer in Physical Chemistry and an active researcher in the field of kinetic and mechanistic studies.
Quote:   "Yesterday I learnt that tomorrow I will learn more than I did today."
  PhD - UKZN
BSc (Honours)
Discipline:   Chemistry
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
  033 260 5324
Recent Publications:   Reddy, D., Shaira, A. & Jaganyi, D., “A Kinetic and Mechanistic Study into the Substitution Behaviour of Platinum(II) Polypyridyl Complexes with a Series of Azole Ligands”, Dalton Trans, 2013, 42, p. 8426.

Reddy, D., Akerman, K. J., Akerman, M. P. & Jaganyi, D., “A Kinetic Investigation into the Rate of Ligand Substitution from Chloro Terpyridine Platinum(II) Species and Analogous Complexes by a Series of Azole Nucleophiles”, Trans. Met. Chem., 2011, 36, p. 593.

Reddy, D. & Jaganyi, D., “Influence of the Bridging Azine Ligand on the Rate of Ligand Substitution in a Series of Dinuclear Platinum(II) Complexes”, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 2011, 43, p 161.

Reddy, D. & Jaganyi, D., “Controlling the Extent of π-Backbonding in Platinum(II) Terpyridyl Systems. A Kinetic, Mechanistic & Computational Approach.”, 2008, p 6724.

Pantoja, E.; Gallipoli, A.; van Zutphen, S.; Komeda, S.; Reddy, D.; Jaganyi, D.; Lutz, M.; Tooke, D.M., Spek, A.L.; Navarro-Ranninger, C. & Reedijk, J., “Three new asymmetric trans-(amine)azoledichloridoplatinum complexes that overcome cisplatin resistance and their reactions with 5′-GMP.”, Journal Inorganic Biochemistry, 2006, 100, p 1955.



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