Professor Manfred A Hellberg

From 1965 to 2003, Dr Hellberg has occupied various roles at UKZN including: Lecturer, Senior Professor, Dean, ProVice-Chancellor and DVC.

He's been a fellow at the UK Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of South Africa, UKZN and a Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow. He's a member of the Academy of Science of SA, an honorary member of the SA Institute of Physics (President 1997 - 1999) and secretary/member of the IUPAP Commission on Plasma Physics.

He has a NRF Rating of B1 since 2001 and an H-index of 26. Dr Hellberg has produced 101 research articles and more than 2100 citations (394 in 2013). His works have been published in a book, 19 international conference proceedings, 90 other refereed international and 77 national conference papers; 3 major research reports and 19 review, semi-popular and Higher Education papers.
  Emeritus Professor of Physics and Senior Research Associate
  PhD - Cambridge
BSc (Honours) - University of Cape Town
Discipline:   Physics
Campus:   Westville
  031 260 2860
Recent Publications:   F. Verheest and M.A. Hellberg, “Assumptions and ambiguities in nonplanar acoustic soliton theory", Physics of Plasmas, 21, 022307 (1-7) (2014).

M.A. Hellberg, T.K. Baluku, F. Verheest, and I. Kourakis, “Dust-acoustic supersolitons in a three species plasma with kappa distributions,”Journal of Plasma Physics, 79, 1039-1043 (2013).  

M.A. Hellberg, R.L. Mace, T.K. Baluku, I. Kourakis and N.S. Saini, “Comment on ‘Mathematical and physical aspects of Kappa velocity distribution’ [Phys. Plasmas, 14, 110702 (2007)]”, Physics of Plasmas, 16, 094701 (1-5) (2009).

T.K. Baluku and M.A. Hellberg, “Dust acoustic solitons in plasmas with kappa-distributed electrons and/or ions”, Physics of Plasmas, 15, 123705 (1-11) (2008).

M.A. Hellberg & R.L. Mace,  "Generalized plasma dispersion function for a plasma with a kappa-Maxwellian velocity distribution", Physics of Plasmas, 9, 1495-1504 (2002).

M.A. Hellberg, R.L. Mace, R.J. Armstrong & G. Karlstad, "Electron-acoustic waves in the laboratory: an experiment revisited", Journal of Plasma Physics, 64 , 433-443 (2000).


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