Mr Muvhango Rasalanavho

Muvhango Rasalanavho is a dedicated instructor, listener (to both academic and social challenges) and a colleague to all his students. With more than 20 years teaching experience and sees himself as a facilitator of learning. Mr Rasalanavho has a diverse background which includes stage acting.

As a recipient of the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Scholarship, he has taught students from all ranges of socio-economic background (underdeveloped, developing and developed), and is well versed in their respective academic challenges.
Quote:   "My ultimate desire is to help and stimulate my students see beyond my scope of vision, at a greater distance into the horizon than I can see."
  Senior Tutor/DOS & PhD Candidate
  MSc (Analytical Chemistry)
BSc (Honours)
Dip Bus Management 
Discipline:   Chemistry
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
  033 260 6104 


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