Professor Ross Robinson

Ross Robinson
Professor Ross Robinson currently occupies the position of Dean and Head of School for the School of Chemistry & Physics.

His research interest lies in Synthetic Chemistry, where his research group is studying the synthesis of medicinal compounds directed towards their application as potential agents in “Boron Neutron Capture Therapy”.

Prof Robinson is also currently a member of the South African Chemical Institute and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Quote:   "Our goal is to prepare and inspire young minds."
  Associate Professor
  PhD - Rhodes University 
BSc (Honours)
Discipline:   Chemistry
Campus:   Pietermaritzbug
  033 260 6363 
Reserach Areas:   Synthetic Chemistry, including understanding reaction mechanisms, natural product synthesis and photo catalytic synthesis.
Recent Publications:   An environmentally friendly, cost effective synthesis of quinoxalines: the influence of microwave reaction conditions. Jeena, Vineet and Robinson, Ross, Tetrahedron (2014), 55, 642-645.

Solution-state 15N NMR and solid-state single-crystal XRD study of heterosubstituted diasaboroles and borinines prepared via and effective and simple microwave-assisted solvent-free synthesis. Slabber, Cathryn A.; Grimmer, Craig D.; Robinson, Ross S, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (2013), 723, 122-128.

Convenient photooxidation of alcohols using dye sensitised zinc oxide in combination with silver nitrate and TEMPO. Jeena, Vineet; Robinson, Ross S. Chemical Communication, (2012), 48(2), 299-310

Convenient photooxidation of alcohols using dye sensitized semiconductors in combination with silver nitrate and TEMPO-an electron paramagnetic resonance study. Jeena, Vineet; Robinson Ross S.; Dalton Transactions (2012), 41 (11), 3134-3137.



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