Professor Yin-Zhe Ma (马寅哲) 

Prof Ma's research is on the cutting-edge frontier of astrophysics and cosmology. He uses the cosmic microwave background radiation and large-scale structure data to study the evolution of the Universe at different epochs and to understand the physical nature of dark energy and dark matter.

  • Rouse Ball and Eddington Fund, Trinity College, Cambridge, 2010
  • Excellent Overseas Student, Ministry of Education of China, 2011
  • Guest Research Professorship, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015-2020 
  • Adjunct Professorship, Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2017-2021 
  • NRF-C1 Rating, National Research Foundation, 2017-2021 
  • Gruber Cosmology Prize (as a member of the Planck team), Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation/International Astronomical Union, 2018 
  • Vice Chancellor Research Award, University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2018
  Associate Professor
  PhD in Astronomy—University of Cambridge (UK), 2008-2011
Master of Science—Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), 2006-2008 
Bachelor of Science—Nanjing University (China), 2002-2006
CITA National Research Fellow—University of British Columbia (Canada), 2011-2014
Research Associate—The University of Manchester (UK), 2014-2015
Discipline:   Physics
Campus:   Westville
  +27(0)31 260 2777
Research Areas:   Cosmology in Radio wavelength: Epoch of Reionization, 21-cm intensity mapping

Extragalatic Astronomy: galaxy peculiar velocity field, thermal and kinetic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect, dynamics of local group, near-field cosmology 

Theoretical Cosmology: the cosmic microwave background radiation, observational tests of inflation 

International Telescope Projects involved:
  • Planck Satellite Science Team (European Space Agency) 
  • Hydrogen Epoch Reionization Array (US/SA) 
  • MeerKAT science team (SA) 
  • Six-degree-field galaxy survey (6dF) and TAIPAN science team (Australia) 
  • ASKAP survey team 
  • Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Cosmology, EoR and HI galaxy science working group
Research Profiles:   Google Scholar
Research Gate

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