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Supplemental Instructions (SI)
SI is offered on all campuses for all 1st year modules and selected 2nd year modules. The timetable for SI Session is email to all students and also uploaded on the Moodle page. Each SI Session is 1.5 hours long and strictly voluntary.

Hot-Seat Tutors
This service is offered on all campuses and available for 1st year students. The tutors are always available to assist students whether individually or as a group. There is no time limit on how often a student can go for a Hot-Seat consultation.

Extended Tutorial (X-TUT)
These are offered for 1st year Physics in the Westville Campus. X-tuts are compulsory even for students with practical exemption. Attendance at tutorials is very important because the final examination will consist of problems of the type encountered in tutorials. A schedule is available for X-Tuts and the list is posted First Year Physics Notice Board. These X-Tuts are 3 hours long.

Saturday Tutorials
These are offered for Chemistry at the PMB Campus. The schedule is communicated to the students in the lecture times.

One-on-One consultation with ADO and AADO
These consultations may include, but not limited to, counselling on time management, study skills, language skills and report writing skills.

Academic Counselling by Directors of Studies
The DoS’s offer academic counselling to all students within the School of Chemistry and Physics. They also offer curriculum advice to all students during the registration period at the beginning of each semester.

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